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What we`re about.

WebMedia is an interactive web development company offering online marketing services for large to enterprise level companies/brands. We specialize in working with competitive brands, giving them an edge in the digital space, and formulating online strategies to spur consumer engagement with the brand thereby improving brand equity and appeal on all frontiers.

Founded in 2005, WebMedia offers a wide range of digital solutions, ranging from digital concept architecture to web design/development and diverse social media integration.

With a skill base of 15 dedicated professionals, the company today soars high in terms of new and innovative service offerings.

We specialize in helping customers find engaging ways to communicate their message online and socially. Effective communication is at the heart of attracting customers, building brands, and developing products. We don't boast about our success by the awards on our shelves, or how flashy we can make our sites. We measure our worth by our clients' ongoing interest in doing business with us. We're an interactive agency with the passion and drive to deliver great results.

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Dream team.

Adewale Adeoye



"The Lord Of Codes". Wale is the head of the programming unit. His flair for writing and developing new programs is unrivaled. He is the go-to-guy whenever there is need bridge imagination, perception to manifestation.

Ehibudu Kelechi



Kelechi is an entrepreneur with a focus on Nigerian business development. He Boasts of a strong track record (11 years) in digital innovation and marketing, business development, operations strategy and talent management.

Ojeaburu Blessing



Blessing is a renowned web developer with high proficiency in graphics design. He is the team lead on concepts and creativity. He loves what he does and he gives every last bit of his attention to every minute detail in any job process.



We make our clients happy!


Web Design

We have you covered whether its a site or pages you want, this includes the design, layout and coding, this can mean working on a brand new website or updating an already existing site.

Web Development

Web developing is a more specialist role, focusing on the back-end development of a website and will incorporate, among other things, the creation of highly complex search functions.


Easy to use and quick to adapt to. We can help convert existing sites to wordpress sites and also guide first timers till they find their feet.

Landing Pages

Do you have existing multiple sites, blogs or other online platforms you will like to have landing pages for as general access points? Or coming soon pages for works in the oven or registered domains?


Brand Creation

Enhancing a brand's equity directly through advertising campaigns and indirectly through promotions such as cause championing or event sponsorship.

Corporate Identity

We can perfectly guide you on combination of color schemes, designs, words, etc., that your firm needs employs to make a visual statement about itself and to communicate your business philosophy.


App Design

Our analyst and application designers create all kinds of software, from massive business systems that manage all the functions of a corporation, to mobile phone applications, or 'apps'.

Print Design

Our graphic designers are known for for creating design solutions that have a high visual impact. We listen to clients and understand their needs before making design decisions.

The Process.



We are creative people who observe a problem and envision a solution. The first step on the path to creating something cool is the generation of an idea.



Our team of world class designers develop creative ideas and concepts, choosing the appropriate media and style to meet the client's objectives.



We indulge in many types of web content creation. We use tools that make it easy for anyone to create and edit their own website using a web-based interface.



We will do the work, build the website, and move it to a staging server where the client can upload content and/or perform user acceptance testing (UAT)



eCommerce Websites

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Corporate Websites

Marcforte Business Consulting Limited is a wholly Nigerian organisation. We operate as an organisational development consultancy providing bespoke interventions aimed at improving staff engagement and performance. As an experienced consultancy, we work across sectors with clients in either product or service industries who require the infusion of worldclass standards and best practices into their structures especially as a result of, or in readiness for growth and expansion.

Client: Marcforte       Date: 01/25/2014

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Please get in touch with us for additional information about WebMedia and our services. We're based in Ikeja, Lagos, 39 Opebi Road. You can also call Us at 08171875814.